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The first time Gusteau saw snow in his life.
December 9, 2008, 12:00 pm
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It gets very cold in Paris in December but it rarely snows.

“It never snows in December,” our friendly banker told us one day.  “You’ll have to wait until January or February.”  Well, sometimes it never snows in Paris in December and then sometimes it just does.  It did.  Barely, but it definitely did.  The snow flakes came tumbling to earth right outside our window that overlooks the quaint and endearing rue des Canettes.

It fell and fell but did not take form on the sidewalk below or the zinc rooftops.  But as it fell our charmingly inquisitive cat, Gusteau, took it all in from his perch where he sees the outside world.

Below is a short video of the first time Gusteau saw snow in his life.  Bonus points if you figure out the sound track.

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